Tenacious D Heading to Aussie Shores with their ‘Spicy Meatball Tour’

February 9, 2024 10:47 am in by

Hold onto your socks, coz they’re about to be rocked off! The legendary lords of laughter-laced rock, Tenacious D, are set to storm Australian shores for the first time since… well, since your Facebook profile picture was halfway decent. Yes, after an 11-year absence, the dynamic duo of Jack “Jables” Black and Kyle “Kage” Gass will bring the house down, or rather, the whole continent, with their ‘Spicy Meatball‘ tour in July 2024.

Breaking out more than just their thunderous acoustic jams, the duo promises to deliver a show so electrifyingly hilarious, you’ll be begging for comedy mercy. Fans can expect to float away on a ‘rocktastic’ voyage with cult classics like ‘Tribute’ and ‘Beelzeboss’, and if that’s not already music to your ears, wait till the pyrotechnics start!

Pundits claim The Beatles and The Stones might have to scoot over because there’s nothing quite like the D. And hey, even Taylor Swift fans are politely nodding. Best in the world? Sure, sounds like it when your tour is described as “D-licious” with a capital D!

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Between crafting epic tunes and conquering the animation and comic book fronts, Tenacious D has been anything but idle during their Oz hiatus. From drawing each frame of ‘Post-Apocalypto’ by hand to dishing out zesty tributes and fresh tracks, they’re a creative force like no other.

The D cometh, so check your calendars and brace for impact:

  • Sydney – Sun, 14 Jul at ICC Sydney Theatre
  • Newcastle – Tue, 16 Jul at Newcastle Entertainment Centre
  • Brisbane – Thu, 18 Jul at Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  • Melbourne – Sat, 20 Jul at Rod Laver Arena
  • Adelaide – Mon, 22 Jul at Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Tickets are availiable through Frontier.

Don’t miss out – it’s time to bask in the glory of ‘The D’!

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