Sony Under Siege: Company Allegedly Hacked By New Ransomware Group

September 26, 2023 3:34 pm in by

In a shocking development, the tech giant Sony has reportedly fallen prey to a cyber attack by a freshly formed threat group, Renowned Australian cyber defence news source, Cyber Security Connect, broke the news of the breach, which allegedly leaked a multitude of Sony’s confidential data.

The group, launched only last month, has reportedly managed to penetrate the entirety of Sony’s infrastructure. The breach is believed to include internal login screenshots, a confidential PowerPoint presentation, and a staggering cache of over 6,000 files consisting of Java and HTML data.

What is different about is their claim of not seeking ransom. Instead, they plan to monetise the obtained information, a strategy supposedly driven by Sony’s unwillingness to pay a ransom. The group has hinted at a ‘posting date’ of September 28, indicating their intention to publicise the stolen data.

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(Photo by Jens Schlueter/Getty Images)

The uniqueness of lies in their hybrid model of operation, functioning as both a ransomware perpetrator and a ransomware-as-a-service platform. Not only do they target industry leaders like Sony, they also claim to work in conjunction with EU’s GDPR and other data privacy laws to identify and exploit corporate system deficiencies.

Sony has yet to release a public statement regarding the breach or confirm the extent of the attack’s impact. The severity of this attack may not rival the infamous 2011 PlayStation Network hack, but it raises serious concerns about data security. As the investigation continues, Sony’s customers remain hopeful that the company will take swift action to bolster its security measures and protect its critical information from future risks.