Jack Reacher Series Reveals the Season 3 Book Adaption

January 25, 2024 4:29 pm in by
Amazon Video "Reacher"

“Reacher” the Amazon series based on the popular “Jack Reacher” series by Lee Child is one of the biggest streamed shows in the world. Alan Ritchson does an amazing job of portraying the ex-miliary hero come vigilante, matching his description from the books to a tee.

The third season is currently in production and we can finally reveal which book the season will be based on.

You see each season picks one of the many novels with season 1 based on the first Jack Reacher novel “Killing Floor” while the recently seen season 2 was based on “Bad Luck & Trouble” and if you haven’t seen it yet then you need to add it to your watch list immediately.

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The upcoming Season 3 will be based on Lee Child’s seventh Jack Reacher novel “Persuader”.

Reacher himself revealed the book on social media.

The streamer has also confirmed that Maria Sten will return for the third season reprising her role of Frances Neagley. This will make a slight deviation from the novels as Neagley doesn’t appear in the novel of “Persuader” only in “Without Fail”, “Bad Luck & Trouble”, “The Affair” and “Night School” with a brief mention in “Never Go Back” .

Image: Amazon Video's Reacher Season 2

The renewal was announced in December, two weeks before the second season premiere, and as production had gotten underway in Toronto.

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The Good Reads synopsis of the book “Persuader” reads as follows:

Jack Reacher.

The ultimate loner.

An elite ex-military cop who left the service years ago, he’s moved from place to place…without family…without possessions…without commitments.

And without fear. Which is good, because trouble–big, violent, complicated trouble–finds Reacher wherever he goes. And when trouble finds him, Reacher does not quit, not once…not ever.

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But some unfinished business has now found Reacher. And Reacher is a man who hates unfinished business.

Ten years ago, a key investigation went sour and someone got away with murder. Now a chance encounter brings it all back. Now Reacher sees his one last shot. Some would call it vengeance. Some would call it redemption. Reacher would call it…justice

Nick Santora serves as showrunner on the series which he and Child executive produce for Amazon MGM Studios, Skydance Television, and Paramount Television Studios. No date is set yet for the release.