Get Your Zzz’s On With TikTok’s New Sweatshirt Sleep Trend

April 4, 2024 12:30 pm in by
Image: TIKTOK User @calliegaley

TikTok, known for its quirky trends, has sparked a new one – the sweatshirt (AKA jumper) sleep hack. This unusual yet surprisingly effective trend involves wrapping a sweatshirt around your head to enhance sleep quality. While TikTok is no stranger to bizarre challenges, this hack is a safer choice that might make you chuckle a bit.

The concept is simple: wrap a sweatshirt over your eyes, leaving space for breathing, and secure it by looping the arm sleeves behind your head. Callie Galey’s video showcasing this hack and claims that it works and is worth trying.

@calliegaley Loling at myself but I swear it works just try it #grwm #getreadywithme #haul #nightroutine #morningroutine #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #sleep #sleephack ♬ original sound – CALLIE GALEY
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Online followers are showing their support for this peculiar sleeping hack. One user said, “This looks insane… brb trying it,” with another saying, “I’m gonna try this.” Others are freaking out, suggesting that it would give them a panic attack.

This trend isn’t just about looking funny; there’s science behind it. Dr. Jessica Andrade believes the swaddling effect mimics comfort similar to being tightly wrapped. The gentle pressure from the sweatshirt creates a cocoon-like feeling akin to a weighted blanket, promoting relaxation and better sleep.

So, before splurging on pricey sleep masks, grab a clean sweatshirt, listen to some sweet sleep-inducing tunes, and test it out for yourself.