Specialised Camera-Vans on Wollongong roads

March 8, 2023 7:40 am in by


Wollongong City Council advises that over the next three weeks residents may spot vans with cameras and other equipment driving around the roads in the area.

Starting from 8 March, these vehicles will be doing an assessment of the city’s 1000km road network using cameras and other measurement technologies.

The information Council gathers from this inspection will help it to improve connectivity, mobility and safety across our road networks.

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The vehicles will be clearly marked and hazard lighting and other warning devices will be used to increase safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

For your privacy, Council wants to assure everyone that cameras will be focussed on the surface of the road and footpath and no images will be recorded of any properties or structures.

Image: Wollongong City Council Facebook