South Coast Labour Council wants Port Kembla Steel in wind farm

June 17, 2024 9:29 am in by
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The Federal Government, has been called on to address a key concern, over the Illawarra offshore wind zone plans, by the South Coast Labour Council.

The Government said that the final area for the wind zone is 1,022 km2 – reducing the zone by a third from the originally proposed zone.

The government advised the zone also excludes significant environmental areas, including the biologically important area for the Little Penguin, and the Southern Right Whale migration and reproduction area.

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An estimated 1,740 new jobs will be created during construction, with 870 ongoing jobs.

SCLC Secretary Arthur Rorris said the touted job numbers for the project, appear to be at odds with the fine-print, adding that it would seem that there’s no guarantee that the steel for the project will be made in Port Kembla.