Ryan Park announces state of the art Ambulance device

May 22, 2023 8:12 am in by
Image: Ryan Park MP Facebook

NSW Health Minister and Member for Keira Ryan Park, has announced that every first response Ambulance in NSW (just over 1000) will have a state of the art automated CPR device installed, essentially giving paramedics another set of arms and enabling them to undertake other procedures and interventions to keep patients alive.

Every year in NSW 8,500 people suffer a cardiac arrest away from a hospital environment, Mr Park said.

These new devices in every frontline ambulance means CPR automatically continues without causing a paramedic to fatigue and while a patient needs to be moved and transported.

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Mark, a cardiac arrest survivor who met Mr Park and Jo Haylen was absolutely thrilled that the Government is matching this world class technology with our world class paramedics to give people like him the best chance to survive.