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Ride for Ryder

The Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club is organizing a fundraiser to support young Ryder, who is facing a tough battle against a rare brain tumor. Ryder’s mom, Ms. Montgomery, shared that after discovering a large tumor on his brain stem, a surgery at Randwick Children’s Hospital could only remove 20% due to its tricky location near a critical part of the brain.


The tumor was sent abroad for analysis, and the results revealed it to be a rare type more commonly found in kids under five.


To help Ryder and his family, the Ghost Riders MC is hosting a fundraising event on January 20, 2024, at the Lake Illawarra Hotel, starting at 12:30 pm. The day will include a bike and car show, face painting, an ice cream truck, and superhero-themed entertainment for kids.


The family-friendly Lake Illawarra Hotel will open its bistro, offering a chance for everyone to support Ryder while enjoying a day of community and solidarity.



Jan 20 2024


12:30 am


Lake Illawarra Hotel
Wingdang Road

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