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Opens Monday 8th July and closes Friday 9th August

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We all know how annoying bills are, so wouldn't it be good to have someone else pay your bills?

That’s where we come in! Pay Your Bills is back again this year, but this time we have $50,000 to help pay your bills.

It can be any bill possible – rent, mortgage, phone, electricity, gas, insurance, school fees, after pay, Netflix, doctor’s bills. We have you covered!

All you need to do is enter below and tell us what bill you want us to pay and why?

Then be listening at 8:30am each day with Jade and Damien, 11.30am and 2.30pm with Mick and at 5pm with Lyndal and Crammy. They will call out a bill, and if it’s yours you will have 10 minutes to call so we can pay your bill! If you don’t call within 10 minutes, your bill goes back on the pile to maybe get paid another day.

We’re fighting the increasing cost of living by Paying Your Bills.
Enter now, we start paying bills from 8:30am, Monday 15th July.

Thanks to the Illawarra Credit Union, locals supporting locals since 1972.