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The Illawarra's Lockdown Choir

Wave FM wants you to join the Illawarra's Lockdown Choir!

It doesn't matter if you sing to a crowd or to your shower head, we want you to join in the fun.

Simply record you and your family, singing Bruno Mars (with the help of the lyrics if you needed) and upload it below to be in the Illawarra's Lockdown Choir.

Before you hit record make sure you tick off the film requirements below.

Film requirements:

  • Record in landscape (turn your phone sideways)
  • Ensure you sing along to the track provided
  • Wear headphones so we can only hear your singing
  • Ensure there's no bright light or windows directly behind you
  • Clean the camera lens with your shirt (trust us, it makes a difference)
But most of all, have fun and get creative!

Entries close Friday July 30 - if you are having issues please email [email protected]


Lyrics - Count on Me - Bruno Mars

Backing track - Count on Me - Bruno Mars

Count on Me - vocal guide with Damien Leith

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