This Guy is Trading Sand for a Tesla from Elon Musk

trading sand for a tesla

A TikTok creator has gained over 125 million views after starting a journey to swap a worthless tub of sand for an actual Tesla from Elon Musk. Since beginning the project, @isaiahphoto has gathered 2 million followers on the platform. #sandtotesla

In his introduction to the first part of the series he says:

"I'm currently trading this worthless container of sand up until I receive a brand new Tesla from Elon Musk himself."

Below is the journey so far.


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After collecting the container of sand from the beach and putting it up online, his first successful trade was for two wetsuits.

"I just traded a worthless container of sand for two wetsuits," he says.

From that, the wetsuits were traded for a printer worth $300, which then got swapped for a pair of noise-canceling headphones and then an electric skateboard worth $1,499.

An Instagram follower then messaged Isaiah, saying he'd swap the skateboard for an electric guitar.

"Hey man, just saw your series on Tik Tok. Love the idea! I have a custom Fender electric guitar worth around $4,000 that I can trade for the board. Let me know and I can ship it to you."

The TikTokker then somehow managed to get a billboard in LA, to get Youtube personality, David Dobrik's attention, so he could make a worthy swap. Dobrik currently has over 22 million fans on TikTok and is a high profile Youtube personality.

The tactic seemed to work, with Dobrik replying to Isaiah via a TikTok video saying:

"So Isaiah, I'm gonna take you up on your deal. Give me your electric guitar and I'll trade you for something. I just have to figure out what. But it won't be a Tesla 'cause you need to get it from Elon Musk."

Both Isaiah and David meet up, and David swaps his Hollywood Tour Bus worth $15K for the guitar bringing him one more step to getting his Tesla from Elon Musk.


Trading sand for a Tesla part 11 featuring @daviddobrik ##sandtotesla ##fyp ##story

♬ original sound - Isaiah

How many more swaps do you think it'll take Isaiah to get the Tesla?

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