Fleetwood Mac Founder Dead


The music world is in mourning today, following the passing of the founding member of Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green.

Green was apart of the band from 1967-1971, and responsible for some of their early hits, like 'Albatross' and 'Black Magic Woman'.

A generous soul, Peter was asked why they named the band 'Fleetwood Mac', to which he responded 'Well, you know I thought maybe I’d move on at some point and I wanted Mick (Fleetwood) and John (McVie) to have a band.’

Green left in 1971, as the bands success became to much whilst dealing with drug and mental health issues, which is when the band went on to change it's line up adding Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie and Lindsay Buckingham, and adjusting their sound to be more pop-based, which saw their success soar.


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