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See Luke Perry's Son Pay Touching To His Late Father.

Luke Perry


Luke Perry’s son found a unique way to pay tribute to his dad on Monday in honor of the L.A. premiere of his new movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Jack "Jungle Boy" Perry, who's also an up-and-coming wrestler, shared a video on Instagram that shows him walking up to a billboard on Sunset Boulevard with his dad's face on it, then scaling the structure with his bare hands.

At the end of the clip, Jack sits atop the billboard while smiling down on his late father.

"Big premiere tonight. He deserved this, and I’m very proud of it." Jack captioned the clip.

"A stud in life, and forever after. The best of the best. Love you forever." 

 The advertisement reads "Luke Perry is Scott," for the actor's character, Scott Lancer. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, hits theaters this Friday, July 26.