Chucking A Khaleesi Sized Fit About Game Of Thrones Season 8 ? Sign Here


Not happy with the way Game Of Thrones Season 8 is unfolding? You're not the only one.

An irate fan is so disappointed with the final season of GOT that he's demanding HBO remake the whole thing. He's even made a petition! 


This thing’s been up for less than a week and it’s already gotten almost 15,000 signatures!

And as much as we’d like it to happen, it wont, and here's why: 

(1) “The Bells” set records as the most-watched episode in Game of Thrones history. So, even with the backlash, HBO will be psyched about that.

(2) Even if they redid it, it still wouldn’t satisfy everyone. 

(3) And, probably the biggest reason, HBO would have to shell out an actual fortune to redo it, including the massive cast salaries. Lena Headey, for example, made $48,000 per minute she was onscreen—that’s not something HBO is bound to repeat lightly.

Anyway, if you’re still seething, there’s a  link to the petition. Do what you will.

image credit - YouTube