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Celebrities use MILK CARTONS to choose sexual partners!

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In another extract from her soon to be released tell-all memoir Brutally Honest, Mel B spills the beans on how some celebs go about finding a bed buddy. 

The Spice girl revealed that here's a “secret website” where famous men’s “erect privates are lined up against milk cartons".

She was told about it by a friend following her marriage breakup. They suggested the best way to get over him, was to errrr get under someone else.

So, Mel decided to bite the bullet, she looked at the line-up, and picked her preferred milk flavour...

"a few days later, I met him (young, handsome, very famous) in a hotel room. It was horribly awkward and nothing happened (it was obviously easier with a milk carton). I tried again with another famous member in another hotel room. Same result. Aaarghhhh. After that, I gave up on famous penises and had a few encounters with normal, regular guys. Way better."

And before you ask. No. I don't know the name of this website. And yes. I did do a google search. 


image credit - https://pixnio.com/food-and-drink/cartons-of-soy-milk