The Times Meeting a Celebrity Lived Up to Fans' Expectations


Twitter user Doug Tilley recently asked his followers to share their stories about meeting people who lived up to the hype. The thread quickly went viral as people began sharing their heartwarming exchanges with celebrities. Here are 10 highlights (check out the full list at the link):

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio (literally) ran into me in a club. He apologized, shook my hand, bought me a shot, and promptly walked back to his table with four models, two magnums of champagne and a bunch of sparklers. It was 3 a.m. on a Wednesday. 
  2. I was super nervous as Dolly Parton signed my CD. "I've loved you for over 20 years," I blurted. She grabbed my hand and said, "Oh, honey--don't stop now!" 
  3. I was 11 when my family was in the same hotel as Carrie Fisher. My mom pointed her out as Princess Leia and I was skeptical, saying it was NOT her, because, duh, hair. She heard me, came over, hugged me, and said, "May the force be with you." I was blown away. 
  4. I was once in a disastrous late-night rewrite where the big star of the project was pissed at everyone. Sarah Silverman showed up just to say hi, instantly read the room, stayed for the rest of the rewrite, and basically saved all of us. 
  5. When I was in film school, Guillermo Del Toro patted me on the shoulder, called me "my boy" and explained why he chose passion projects over Hollywood franchises with the analogy "You cann't screw without a b**er." 
  6. Days after interviewing Pierce Brosnan, he recognized our camera crew and stopped at the airport to make small talk, giving us all high fives as we boarded the same plane to Toronto. 
  7. Was on a set visit where we were told upfront we wouldn't be speaking to Harrison Ford (despite him being there that day). But later he popped in and shot the s**t with us for a good 10-15 minutes because he'd heard we were bummed about not getting time with him. It f**king ruled. 
  8. When I met Donatella Versace, she asked me about my creative pursuits and looked me dead in the eye and said she believed in me. It was exactly what I needed to hear from someone I idolized at age 17. 
  9. I met Lady Gaga the night Joanne came out. She had just performed and she was clearly exhausted, but she took the time to learn my name and sign my CD. I told her what her music meant to me and she held my hand and thanked me. I'll never forget it. 
  10. Interviewed George Takei when he was in Korea. He gave a candid, heartfelt, insightful 60-minute interview. Then at the end of it, graciously recorded a message to a colleague of mine who was retiring. He even did three takes because he wasn't satisfied with the first two. 

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