Diane Keaton reunited with wallet after half a century!


Actor Diane Keaton has been reunited with a wallet she lost half a century ago!

Anton Lulgjuraj bought the storage locker in Brewster, New York, at an auction in May and was going through its treasures when he came across a pocketbook and photographs.

Inside the wallet was a California’s driver’s license from 1966 that belonged to a woman named Diane Hall.

The name didn’t ring any bells until he looked further into the wallet and found an Actor’s Equity card with the name Diane Keaton on it. It was then he realized that he had the old wallet of the Hollywood star (Keaton reverted to her mother’s maiden name as there was already a Diane Hall in the Actors Guild).

Anton said he wanted the star to have her belongings back, “these are her memories”. After a few frustrated attempts to contact her and her representatives, the 72-year-old actor got back to him on social media.

 “This is the craziest story!” Keaton wrote. “I don’t remember losing this but I’m not surprised because I’ve lost my wallet many times! Thank you, Mr Lulgjuraj!”

Anton has since told the Daily News that he was “thrilled” his story reached the Academy Award-winning star. “I’m really happy that she’s going to get it back. The US mail should get it there. I just hope it doesn’t get lost for another 50 years,” he said. “I hope it arrives in time for the holidays.”

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