Student gets famous author to help write their essay


HSC exams are wrapping up across the country. Most students would have used the library and the internet to do research for their exams, probably not twitter so much, but after they hear this they might.

A high school student took to Twitter asking for help writing an essay on The Handmaids Tale …..

And it looks like it is, because who should answer this students plight but Margaret Atwood HERSELF !

Attwood told him exactly why she put those themes in the book:

"Because it's in the world. (It's not just women who are controlled in the book. It's everyone except those at the top. Gilead is a theocratic totalitarianism, not simply a Men-have-power, Women-do-not world. Lower-status men are told when and who marry.)"

I’d be adding that to my essay! Can’t get anything but an A for their answer,  it’s a direct quote from the woman herself !!