5 of the Binge-iest Announcements at Netflix's TUDUM Event

Netflix hosted a global fan event to showcase all of the upcoming shows they are adding to the streaming giant's library over the next year and there are some titles that have us extra excited. So let's pick our Top 5 announcements at "TUDUM".

5. Bridgerton

Dust off your finest regency attire, and prepare to fall in love (again) with this exclusive first look at Season 2.

4. Extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth popped in to let everyone know that his character Tyler Rake somehow survived the events of the first film and is ready for the sequel.

 3. Tiger King 2

Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and all the unbelievable real-life characters of Season 1, steps up a notch when the series returns for a second dose of mayhem and madness. 

 2: Cowboy Bebop

3, 2, 1... let’s jam to this exclusive first look at the title sequence from the upcoming live-action adaptation of the beloved anime series about a ragtag crew of bounty hunters chasing down the galaxy's most dangerous criminals. 

1: Don't Look Up

A Netflix original film featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Rob Morgan, and Jonah Hill about a comet on a deadly collision course with Earth. It's the surprise package of the event and one we can't wait to watch. Looks very funny.