The Orchestral Version of "Chasing Cars" is Ready to Blow Your Mind

Ever wondered what your favourite hits would sound like if they were arranged for an orchestra?

Wonder no longer, Epic Orchestra has broken the internet with the release of "Snow Patrols - Chasing Cars"

In case you need a refresher on that hit, watch and listen to this.

Now that you are refreshed it's time to really blow your mind. Here is the one-man orchestral version of "Chasing Cars".

With over 26,000 views we know we are not the only ones who think this is awesome.

and if that's not enough, "The Weekends - Blinding Lights" might just be the most epic thing you'll hear today.

Or go a bit more old school with Nirvana 90s anthem "Smells Like Teen Spirit" which sounds like it should be added to the soundtrack for Frozen 3.

He even takes requests

"At Epic Orchestra channel we take requests from subscribers, then arrange and orchestrate them into orchestral pieces that sound EPIC! Covering songs from numerous different artists, such as Taylor Swift, Muse, Coldplay, Lewis Capaldi, ABBA, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Queen, Linkin Park and many many more, we always strive to make the best sounding orchestral versions of your favourite songs!"

It's the most relaxing way to listen to today's biggest hits and you feel a little cultured as well.. just a little.