Mum goes viral after sharing 'ugly baby' video

Baby Reese has gone viral after her mum posted a video on TikTok for the 'Ugly Baby Challenge'.

Lucy Baehr, a photographer in Arkansas, participated in the 'Ugly Baby' TikTok challenge, posting a video of her newborn Reese with the caption "Not me thinking my baby would be the cutest newborn and look just like me". 


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The already mother-of-two had struggled with numerous miscarriages over the years, and at the end of 2019 conceeded defeat. Speaking to US TODAY Lucy explained, “We got a third dog at the end of September 2019 and my excuse was, ‘well, we aren’t going to have any more kids,’ and then February of 2020 we find out about Reese."

Like most expecting parents, the couple were adament they'd be having the most adorable baby, but Lucy admits realising that wasn't the case when Reese was born, "I'm pretty sure I looked at my husband and was like, 'she's healthy?'". 


She just needed a minute… ##DontSpillChallenge ##wholesome ##babiesoftiktok ##newborn

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Since posting the video to TikTok, commenters have drawn parallels between the likeness of Reese and several characters including Mr Bean, Dobby from Harry Potter, Mr Burns from The Simpsons, and a Minecraft villager.

Lucy has a sense of humour about the whole ordeal, and while many were quick to call her a 'horrible mother' for calling her baby ugly, she admits she wanted to normalise what babies really look when they're first born.

Obviously Lucy no longer thinks her bub is ugly and claims, "she just needed a minute" and was quick to grow out of it saying, the "glow up game is strong with this one."


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