These Ads are Almost Too Weird to Watch

Some ads are entertaining, clever and fun. And some are just plain weird and too strange for words.

Check out these five surreal ads that took directions we didn't expect, leaving us asking "What did we just see?????!" 😳

Nothing here is terrifying, R rated or will get you in trouble if your boss walks past when you’re watching. But they’re all a bit weird and strange, especially the last one. There's no explaining that.

Let us know which one you thought was the strangest, and sorry if we’ve now ruined unicorns for you forever. You thought they were magical creatures didn’t you? Think again.

Squatty Potty

This ad has a cute cartoon-like unicorn, rainbow colours, glitter and ice cream. But don’t be deceived. Look carefully into the eyes of the unicorn and you’ll see its despair. Its reputation as a magical mythical creature is now associated with rainbow-coloured poop and bowel hygiene. It’s a travesty, even for us adults. Keep the kids away from this one unless you want tears before bedtime.

Voiz Waffle Chocolate The Secret

Should you keep secrets from your significant other? This ad suggests you shouldn’t, and shows a couple sharing a tender moment of connection. But then it takes an unexpected turn and we’re left totally creeped out. Don’t show it to your significant other, it might freak them out too and then your relationship might also take an unexpected turn.

Quiznos Spongmonkeys We Love The Subs ad

Turn your volume down a bit before playing this one - it involves weird singing-shouting from weird monkey-like creatures (though we can’t see the resemblance). You might have to watch it twice to make sure you didn’t actually dream it the first time.

Information is making us fat

This one is a print ad rather than something we can watch, but we're glad for that - we’re not sure we could handle seeing them looking any more real life. These surreal and very disturbing ads are trying to warn us against getting fat from overloading on information we see everyday on the internet and TV etc.

glory paris

Credit: Glory Paris

Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Okay this one is the closest to giving us nightmares. The creepy eyes that keep staring, the distorted music, the close-up that makes you feel claustrophobic and that voiceover. They’ve basically used serial killer vibes to sell ice cream. Which might be why the company closed down in 2019.

 Which one creeped you out the most?