Your pet could be allowed to sit next to you on domestic flights

Aussie passengers could soon be sitting next to their furry friend in commercial flight plane cabins with bans currently in place set to ease.

Up until now the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has enforced strict policies on all animals - excluding service dogs - being transported in the cargo hold on Australian flights.

The rules currently state, "A container in which an animal is kept must not be in the passenger cabin of an aircraft."

However, those laws are expected to be relinquished later this year with the regulation of pets on planes soon to be the responsibility of each individual airline.

Reports suggest these changes will be active from December, but Qantas and Jetstar have already ruled out the option of allowing pets to travel alongside their human counterpart.

Don't lose heart yet though! Virgin Australia are yet to make a decision, and are requesting your feedback via a poll on their Facebook page. 

The poll was captioned, “Cat’s out of the bag. The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority are making changes to regulations regarding the carriage of pets on planes”.

So far over 5,000 users have submitted their vote, with a staggering majority voting 'YES' for pets on planes. You too can have your say here.

Image Credit: Virgin Australia / Facebook