Food Hack: Use Chips to Crumb Fish & Chicken

Bye bye boring bread crumbs, hello tasty 'tato chips: this one's for the fussy eaters and lazy cooks of the world!

Next time you've got a pack of crisps in the pantry, crush them up and use them to coat your next serve of fish or chicken.

It's a cooking hack brought to our attention by Starlos Fishotopia, but apparently used world over, and it's one we can definitely get behind because it's not only delicious, but oh so easy!

Simply grab your favourite flavour of potato chips and smash them up with a rolling pin.

Coat your meat with flour and egg - as you usually would - but then sub out the bread crumbs and bring in the crisps for a tastier and crunchier final product.

Most people suggest using Salt & Vinegar chips for fish, but others have pushed the creative boundaries.

Ricko says, "Try it with Red Rock Deli Lime & Black Pepper, you can thank me later".

Glen Saltmarsh suggests Thins Light & Tangy.

Meanwhile Nathan Kirkwood likes to go the whole-hog with "crushed pork crackling chips" said to taste "awesome".

For the chicken fans, we've heard crushed up Doritos and Twisties is a flavour explosion.


Image Credit: Biswarup Ganguly, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons & Spudaitas / Pixabay