Bacon on a Stick Hits the Sydney Royal Easter Show

One of the star feature novelty foods at this years Sydney Royal Easter Show is bacon-on-a-stick!

Reactions are mixed in the foodie universe, ranging from it being the best culinary creation ever to something that shouldn't have been attempted.

It's called Bacon Head and has been created especially for the Sydney Royal Easter Show by Burger Head, who will be frying their creations up daily during the show.

Bacon Head is not simply just bacon-on-a-stick; oh no, that would be too simple. It's bacon that has been battered, deep-fried and then skewered.

"Presenting Bacon Head by Burger Head! One of the exclusive new novelty foods at the 2021 Show and if that's not enough, you can get it served in a bucket, smothered in cheese," says the @sydneyroyal_eastershow on Instagram.

But if deep-fried bacon is a step too far for some, the normal "stick foods" should be available like dagwood dogs, toffee apples, fairy flossy and satay skewers will be on offer for hungry show-goers.


Here are a few other novelty treats that will be at the Sydney Royal Easter Show if you need to take your mind of all that deep-fried bacon!

Cheese on a stick

Melon ice cream served on a watermelon

THICC cookies