We Thought Jimmy was a Giggle but He's Actually a Hoot

If you've never heard of Jimmy Rees or don't recognise him from his stint on "Dancing with the Stars" your kids certainly would know him.

He's Jimmy Giggle on the ABC show Giggle and Hoot but it's online where he's gone from giggle to an absolute hoot!

Everyone needs to follow him on social media especially TIKTOK where he's posting some hilarious takes on Covid decisions and the lockdowns.

In the video series he breaks down some of the decision making into some pretty funny moments and as he says on the post "If we don't laugh we'd cry so we may as well laugh right?".

WATCH "The Guy Who Decides Covid Restrictions - Part 1"

It doesn't stop there either, the second part is even funnier!

WATCH "The Guy Who Decides Covid Restrictions - Part 2"

It's a fantastic character that evolved from this series he did and it's super relatable and great to share with your friends of all ages.

He's also pretty handy with an AirFryer.

WATCH "The Guy Who Decides Packaging - Part 1"

Keep it up Jimmy, we love watching your creative content!

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