Snowrunner - A Trucking Great RPG

SnowRunner arrives 28th April on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With a huge garage of vehicles to unlock, upgrade and customise, it’s a veritable trucking RPG worth of open-world driving, challenging missions and true-to-life physics simulation. Check out the new trailer Explore. Gear Up. Achieve and see what’s in-store when you jump into the driver’s seat next month.
Earn money and XP to improve your vehicles and get the job done.

Explore every corner of a huge, unforgiving world to find missions to tackle. Completing contracts will earn you money and experience, which can be used to acquire new and better vehicles with huge amounts of gameplay variety from add-ons. As you do more missions, the world will change, shaped by your actions - bridges built, roadblocks cleared and more will make moving around the world easier as you expand your influence. Eventually, you’ll even connect maps together, with missions spanning across multiple maps as complexity and rewards increase. Too dangerous to go alone? Take a convoy of your friends along for the ride and cooperatively conquer challenges using unique multiplayer tools.

Explore the untamed wilderness in search for unique trucks and add-ons.

You aren’t limited tasks set by the game. Exploration is a legitimate way to improve. See that mountain? You can drive to the top, and there waiting will be unique upgrades or vehicles to reward your initiative. Of course, it’s not all about functionality. While chain tyres or a snorkel might be the best way across an icy ravine or deep river, looking good is just as important. Paint your truck however you like and equip a near-endless supply of bumpers, exhausts and much more - all unlocked through play.

SnowRunner offers true freedom of driving, letting you take any vehicle you’ve unlocked anywhere on the map it can reach. No restrictions on where you drive are applied, other than what you and your truck are capable of - sharp inclines, raging rivers, snowstorms; all are conquerable with the right gear!

Build your fleet of off-roaders and conquer the wilderness in SnowRunner. Pre-orders are available at Australian retailers and reward you with the Navistar 5000-MV tractor!

A Season Pass is available as part of the Premium Edition, featuring new vehicles, maps, activities and much more over several massive constant content drops in the months following release.

SnowRunner launches 28th April on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.