Blood Breed on Nintendo Switch

Blood Breed is a new indy title for the Nintendo Switch. This retro style horror survival game has elements of puzzle to it as well which can make some the the levels particuarly challenging.

The look and feel of the title is a real homage to classic horror survival from the Playstation 1 days. Taking elements from Resident Evil and Silent Hill as well as classic 80's horror films.

Even the beginning of the story sets the tone.

Your car breaks down after hitting a deer in a mysterious and ultimatly deadly area.

From there you must find and collect keys to open doors and reach new levels all while being hunted by a mask wearing, machette weilding maniac. Can you survive the night.

It's really a fun game with plenty of great design elements.

I caught up with it's creator Blake McKinnon to talk about making indy games, learning to code and you won't believe the short amount of time he's been at it.

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