Non-Profit Pay What You Feel Restaurant to Open in Wollongong

From June 3rd to June 30th Illawarra residents will be able to choose the price of their dinner when Wollongong’s first non for profit, pay what you feel vegetarian restaurant opens it’s doors.


The Good Will Only restaurant located on 64 Crown street is run purely by volunteers, utilising primarily donated food, with 100% of profits going back to community projects like the Wollongong Homeless Hub & IRT to provide crucial social services for those in need.

“The idea is based around a simple concept,” Co-Founder Ben Abraham said, “namely that those who can afford to pay for their meal do, so that those less fortunate can come and eat without worrying about how to pay.”

In Australia, over 19,000 people over the age of 55 are homeless on any given night and many are left to wander the streets, not knowing when their next full night’s sleep or warm meal will come next.

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Good Will Only Co-Founder, Scott Mileto says that everyone has the right to feel welcome, connected to their community and to get help when it’s needed.

Partnering with IRT Foundation and the Wollongong Homeless Hub, Good Will Only aims to provide a safe and welcoming environment for every member of the Wollongong community.

“The Good Will Only restaurant will provide a platform for some of our most vulnerable to comfortably connect with relevant social organisations, sit amongst and socialise with their fellow Wollongong community and have a decent meal without worrying about how they are going to pay for it,” he said.

The venue, located at 64 Crown Street and kindly donated by Jimmy’s Burger bar, is being led by the Good Times Only Group (Howlin’ Wolf, Dagwood, Births & Deaths and Washington & Co).

Good Will Only will initially operate as a one month popup, this June, with the intention of using donations to fund a permanent site within Wollongong.  

Mr Mileto, IRT Foundation and Wollongong Homeless Hub are urging locals to get behind this important initiative by eating at the Good Will Only popup or making a financial contribution to help this restaurant keep its doors open after the June popup.

“By choosing to eat at Good Will Only this June you have the opportunity to make a real, immediate impact in your community.”

Good Will Only will serve vegetarian cuisine seven nights a week from 5pm to 8pm.