Want to live longer? Dance more!

Want to live longer? Dance more!


German scientists have found that exercise has the beneficial effect of slowing down or even counteracting age-related decline in mental and physical capacity!

According to a study by the centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Germany, the top two types of exercise that activate the areas that decline over time are dancing and endurance training. So unless you’re planning on becoming a marathon runner, it might be time to have a cheeky jig in the kitchen while you’re cooking, cut up some shapes in the car or even get a groove on, on the field like this guy..

The study found that the amount of time spent dancing didn’t matter, but the consistency of dancing over a long period of time, like days and months will keeps the brain activated for longer.

So if you’re up for a dance turn keep it locked on Wave FM because we play you the Illawarra’s best music to dance to.

If you’re on the hunt for more dancing action, there’s lots of good clean fun to be had at No Lights No Lycra Wollongong. It’s a booze-free dance party down at the Old Courthouse that happens every Thursday night from 8-9pm. It costs $5 and they’ll even let you wear lycra if you want!