The ultimate Black Friday Survival Guide!

The ultimate Black Friday Survival Guide!


One of the biggest shopping events of the year is about to happen, and we’re super lucky because even though Black Friday is an American thing, we still get the online bargains!

Praise the Gods of Online Shopping!

With all these bargains, it’s easy to get carried away and wind up with an ASTRONOMICAL credit card bill, so here’s our ultimate Black Friday Survival Guide.


Before Black Friday hits, you may want to get your ducks in a row. That means things like writing a list of what you want to buy and making sure you know the login details for all your store accounts.

Check your credit card details are up to date in each of those accounts.

If you aren’t already a member of your chosen sites, become one, often they offer things like free shipping to members and account holders.

Bookmark the websites you plan on buying from.

Browse the site and if you can, put the items you’re planning on buying in a cart that doesn’t expire.


If the website is experiencing a lot of traffic and runs slow, try accessing the website on different browsers, Firefox, Chrome & Safari ETC.

Always start with the gifts and then move onto the shops that you’re interested in afterwards, that way you buy the things you need.

Things to remember

Afterpay is your friend! But not when you’ve got $200 a fortnight coming out, so be WEARY

Postage and Shipping costs are on top but there’s also the 10% GST tax too, so keep these cheeky lil extras in mind when you’re adding and subtracting.