The Random 30 Countdown

The Random 30 Countdown is a brand new experience! It’s more than radio – It’s the new place to hang out and maybe even learn something.

Mikey who will deliver you the hottest 30 songs likes long walks on the beach and playing tennis.

If you like those things you are probably more active than Mikey because he actually just likes the idea of those things.

What he actually likes is sitting on his bottom and playing the best music he can find every night in the Random 30 Countdown.

It's a countdown of your favourite 30 songs in no particular order and that's what makes it random.

Imagine you got all your favourite things in the world.. puppies, ice-cream, original Netflix series' and canned fruit and just pushed shuffle.

The hottest new music, international and alternate chart checks and interviews with today’s biggest stars from around the world.

Plus regular random segments on gaming, the latest tech news and latest info and must haves!

Airing across Australia weeknights 7pm - 10pm

Netflix series coming up with Charlie XCX

TRAILER FOR UPCOMING NETFLIX SERIES WITH CHARLI XCX ‘I’M WITH THE BAND: NASTY CHERRY’ out November 15th XCX-ellent four-piece Nasty Cherry have released their brand new single ‘Music With Your Dad’ on Charli XCX’s Vroom Vroom Recordings. The track, written by the band themselves and produced by Justin Raisen (Angel Olson, Sky Ferreira),...