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Mikey who will deliver you the hottest 30 songs likes long walks on the beach and playing tennis.

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What he actually likes is sitting on his bottom and playing the best music he can find every night in the Random 30 Countdown.

It's a countdown of your favourite 30 songs in no particular order and that's what makes it random.

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GoCube Review: Unboxing The Modern Puzzle Experience


GoCube takes a beloved puzzle toy and gives it the 2021 upgrade it deserves.

Originally called the Magic Cube, the Rubiks Cube has been around since 1974 and it’s one of the best selling puzzle games and best selling toys.

The 3D combination puzzle has a pretty simple premise, scramble the cube and then try to match up all 6 sides of the cubes coloured faces including 9 squares on each. If you had one as a kid you probably remember taking it apart by pulling the individual squares in a way to cheat. 

Like all great things, someone is going to try to make it even greater or at the very least add some technology to enhance the product and the GoCube is a great example of that.

GoCube is a smart Rubik’s Cube that links to an app on your phone enhancing the abilities of the device. The app records and tracks your moves in real-time and guides you on how to solve the device. Basically becoming a teacher which they say will let you master the cube in under an hour. It’s great for a beginner who never really mastered the original Rubik’s cube to learn and master and then show it off to your friends

The GoCube comes with nearly everything you need in the box, including the GoCube, a stand, a pouch and a USB charger. It’s also one of the more impressive unboxing experiences you’ll have. Then you then just download the app to your phone and away you go. 

While playing you’ll find that you can do mission-based games or even use the cube as a controller to play some of the included mini-games. You can battle with friends (or matchmaking with strangers) in VS mode, via the leaderboards or one of the live competitions like the one hosted by Red Bull. 


GoCube is a really great reinvention of a classic game and having it linked to an app gives you a tangible real-world experience like no other. This would be a great Christmas present for someone who loves brain teasers adding value to screen time. I could see classrooms incorporating it as a perfect STEM device as well.

Check out the Official Site HERE or check it out for a Christmas present at Amazon Australia