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The Future is Here – Asus ZenBook Pro Duo (UX582L) Review

The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED (UX582L) is another stunning addition to the series that continues to grow each year even if it might be a tad too pricey for the average consumer.

This is by far the benchmark of modern laptops, I mean no other system on the market comes with a quality second screen that not only enhances productivity it also adds to the overall design aesthetic.

It’s why they dub it “The Laptop of Tomorrow”.


The Chassis and lid are a magnesium-aluminum alloy with that distinct Celestial Blue colour that really catches the eye. To put it simply, if this was a car, driving down the main street of your town on a Saturday night, it would turn heads in an instant.

If you are creating content on a super regular basis, this is the type of machine that will replace your desktop computer completely as well as being a great portable workhorse. The powerful machine is specced out for maximum performance with an i9 eight-core processor, 32 gigs of ram, and graphics powered by an NVIDIA™ GeForce RTX 3070 so you’ll have no issues running the most hungry applications and playing some of the more challenging to run games.

The 4k OLED panel up top and smaller OLED screen placed just above the keyboard give you the best possible image quality with the most vibrant colour. As a regular user of the Adobe Suite (photoshop & premiere pro) it’s always such a pleasure to see creations come to life with such amazing crispness and quality. It’s almost a blessing and a curse as when you look at that same creation (after it’s uploaded to a social platform) on any other older device, it makes it look cheap. Once you use the best, it’s really hard to go back.

Also on Adobe use, the control panel on the ScreenPad is amazing, optimizing the workflow of any creation and fully adjustable to suit your own unique preferences. I usually work with at least 2 full-size monitors, but using the ZenBook layout feels even more intuitive than that with the added bonus of being able to work from anywhere. Having both screens as touch screens that you can even use a pen (like the stylus included in the box) on means that digital artists would be in absolute heaven.


(The Stylus is easy to use and a real artist will have no issues taking full advantage of the touch screens. I don't know much about art.. but I know what I like lol)

One feature I found handy was being able to Task Group your apps. By assigning Premiere & PhotoShop & After Effects to a “Video edit” button with one press I could access multiple applications ready to start the next project.

ASUS has managed to pack the powerful components into a super sleek design that still manages to boast the 15-inch screen and a backlit keyboard with a trackpad (that doubles as a number pad). I have never been a massive fan of the placement of the keyboard right at the bottom with the pad pushed right up against the right-hand side, but it really doesn’t take all that long to get used to and an extra wrist wrest makes it a bit more comfortable. It’s also super light so slip it into the carry bag and take it anywhere you like.

The Tilting mechanism on the second screen (ASUS ScreenPad™ Plus) as you lift the laptop lid has had a stack of work done on it since the last incarnation of the ZenBook Pro Duo. This is to improve readability making it rise to 9.5°. The lift seems smoother than previously and even more durable.

zenbook-side1.jpg zenbook-side2.jpg

The Ergo Lift Active Aerodynamic System Plus is the fancy way of saying when you open the laptop it lifts off the surface and creates airflow passages. This actually increases 36% more airflow helping to keep your components cooler for better performance. This is extremely noticeable in the keyboard that doesn’t warm up too much even after a lot of use. Being so close to the second display you might expect it would.

Some new model laptops have opted not to include a webcam, but if you look closely at the super-thin bezel of the screen you’ll see ASUS managed to sneak one in. A welcome addition that means there is one less thing to pack in the go-bag. This also works with Windows Hello facial recognition for extra security.

It’s light on the ports department but what it has is probably more than enough by today’s standards. On the left of the machine, you’ll find the 3.5 combo headphone/mic port next to an HDMI and the DC power port. Over on the right are two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports with a USB-A port as well.

Audio is superb and brings to life the Harmon Kardon speakers with ASUS SonicMaster technology to create a really full range sound great for listening to music or playing your latest Netflix show through. Vocals are very clear and you can crank it up without getting too much distortion.


I’d been surprised by the battery life on these models before. It’s actually odd how they manage to get such longevity while running two screens and a boatload of powerful components. But they do. On a basic test of word processing, web surfing, and watching YouTube videos I got around 5 and a half hours usage with both screens on. This was about 2 hours longer with the second screen off, but not a bad result at all.

Final Thoughts

The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED is the most powerful laptop on the market in my opinion, not just because of the specs but because of its overall versatility to perform any task. Having the second screen is an absolute blessing and it’s really difficult to go back to your old shortcuts after having such easy access to everything you need.

The downside is the price, while the machine is worth every penny. It puts it out of reach for what I would consider as the standard consumer or even casual content creator. At the time of this article, Umart had it listed at $4,999 while the i7 model was at $4499. (If you are going to get one you may as well spend the extra and go for the i9.)

The main thing I would say about the price is that this machine is powerful enough to replace your current laptop and desktop to create a much more cohesive workspace that can also be portable.

Its futuristic sleek design and state-of-the-art components make it the next-level device for any audio producer, video creator, or digital artist.