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Tech Review - ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO


Go to the Roccat website and staring back at you with his mullet and mighty mo is one of the world's leading gaming content creators and streamers Doctor Disrespect.

That instantly gives you an idea of what level these guys play at. These are gaming products created for elite gamers, a premium product, so do they feel premium when you use them?

The Roccat Vulcan 120 Keyboard is a mechanical gaming keyboard that certainly looks the part. The anodized aluminum plate is eye catching and practical as it protects the inner workings of the design and the lights are brighter and more versatile than any keyboard I’ve used before.

This is mainly down to the fact that the RGB lights are using the AIMO Illumination engine, which means that each switch is individually configurable. The LEDs are long life and can display 16.8 Million colours using multiple types of special effects. The reason it stands out more than others is down to the transparent housing of the keys, it doesn't get hidden behind plates of plastic and feel like the lights have a sense of freedom. A great feature of AIMO is that other connected devices like say a gaming mouse from Roccat can be incorporated into the whole light package, creating a synergy for your lighting display.

There are three buttons and a twist control at the top right of the design that allow you to adjust certain features. The first button is for muting the volume quickly, the second button switches to the FX on the keyboard and can be used to adjust the brightness of the LEDS while the third button is for volume control and works perfectly with the control, turning that control is smooth like in a high end stereo system.


The palm rest that comes with the device is quite thin, but I found it much more comfortable than my regular keyboard palm rest. I find that usually my wrists sit too high, and because both the keyboard and the palm rest are low profile it was really comfortable which is what you need for a good long gaming session or even for typing out a few articles. I should point out that this article was written on the keyboard I was sent for testing before it went back and as a “work” device it is more than capable. Touch typing was actually super fast and the sound of the keys was noticeable but not distracting. 

The keys themselves are a bit of a technical marvel, finding a key that is tactile while still giving you an instant and precise response time has been virtually impossible. But the titan switches used on the Vulcan are just that, and with the hours of gaming I played using the keyboard I can say that they are extremely responsive. They feel lighter to the touch than particularly my usual Razer keyboard and dare I say soft? 


(The software is extremely versatile and easy to opperate, making quick actions)

The Vulcan 120 Keyboard from Roccat is a really strong design that is perfect for day to day practical use as well as super intensive gaming sessions. The layout makes it really easy to keep clean as you don't get dust and other unwanted items such as “Burger Rings” stuck between the keys. If you are after speed and precision this could be the keyboard for you.