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The Random 30 Countdown is a brand new experience! It’s more than radio – It’s the new place to hang out and maybe even learn something.

Mikey who will deliver you the hottest 30 songs likes long walks on the beach and playing tennis.

If you like those things you are probably more active than Mikey because he actually just likes the idea of those things.

What he actually likes is sitting on his bottom and playing the best music he can find every night in the Random 30 Countdown.

It's a countdown of your favourite 30 songs in no particular order and that's what makes it random.

Imagine you got all your favourite things in the world.. puppies, ice-cream, original Netflix series' and canned fruit and just pushed shuffle.

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OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder chats with the Random 30

What a great new hit from Kygo & OneRepublic "Lose Somebody'. Great to catch up with Ryan to talk about the new song and his professional songwriting. Enjoy


Grammy-nominated OneRepublic, is comprised of singer/songwriter and lead vocalist Ryan Tedder, guitarists Zach Filkins and Drew Brown, bassist and cellist Brent Kutzle, and drummer Eddie Fisher. The band released their debut set DREAMING OUT LOUD in 2007. The release included the multi-platinum-selling smash single ‘Apologize’ which shattered digital sales and airplay records worldwide and received a Grammy Award nomination.


The band’s sophomore album, 2009’s WAKING UP, produced the hit singles ‘All the Right Moves’, ‘Secrets’ and ‘Good Life’. The certified-platinum album NATIVE followed in 2013, featuring the No. 1 hit and 33 million plus-selling single ‘Counting Stars’, along with a worldwide tour. OneRepublic released OH MY MY, their fourth full- length album in 2016.


During the spring of 2019, the band released ‘Start Again’ ft. Logic, a song featured on the soundtrack for the Netflix drama 13 Reasons and ‘Connection’ which was part of FCA’s Summer of Jeep campaign. OneRepublic’s new singles, ‘Rescue Me’, ‘Somebody To Love’, ‘Wanted’, ‘Didn’t I’, and ‘Better Days’ from their upcoming album, HUMAN, are out now.