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The Ultimate Test for a Phone Case

Ever dropped your phone while it is not protected in a life proof case? 

If you have then you know the pain and frustration you feel at having spent so much money on basically a portable computer in your pocket but not invested a little bit extra to protect it. 

Only a few years ago these types of cases were so bulky it defeated the purpose of getting a new slim phone, after all, once you added the case you may as well have gotten a backpack to carry it around in.

These new cases that we had for a Random 30 Tech Roadtest were like a skin for the phone that added very little bulk but a whole lot of protection. 

But just how did we decide to put the cases to the test?

Well, the ultimate test for any electronic device that you don't want damaged, is to give it to the most destructive thing on the planet for 1 hour, my one-year-old Daughter... 


Cyclone Maggie decided that the phone case was a great new toy and wandered around the house bashing it against everything she could see. my walls didn't fare so well, but for the phone and case, it was no trouble at all. 

Then it was the water damage test, the phone made a great chew toy for a teething baby and I've had friends that have lost brand new phones to the dreaded baby saliva, that seems to work like acid for things you really need. You know, the TV remote, a book you are reading or in this case.. the mobile phone.. did it survive?


Yep, it withstood all of the rugged testing the tiny destructive force could throw at it. Not even a scratch on the case and certainly no damage to the phone.

These extreme-tested cases and screen protectors are designed to protect iPhone's from the wear and tear of everyday use and the styles for the iphone 11s are super sleek, allowing users to take it beyond boundaries without restraint.

The iPhone 11 cases that we roadtested are available now as well as an even bigger range so take a look to find the one for you. 

OtterBox Symmetry Series

From AUD $59.95


OtterBox’s signature range, Symmetry Series offers the perfect phone cases for those with a stylish flare yet wants to keep their phone protected. Key features include: 

  • Ultra-slim durable protection – making it functional and stylish 

  • With a variety of vibrant colour and graphic designs, Symmetry Series brings style and personality to any look

  • Fortified with drop protection to defend your iPhone from bumps and fumbles 

  • Available in a multitude of colours and prints – Set in Stone, Wish Way Now, We’ll Call Blue, Taken 4 Granite, Feeling Rusty, Beguiled Rose, Sapphire Secret, Risk Tiger (as pictured), Aspen Gleam and Black



OtterBox Commuter Series

From AUD $49.95


Designed for the person who is always on the go, such as the multitasking parent and the travelling businessperson, the Commuter Series is the go-to phone case. Key features include: 

  • Added grip on the slipcover for confident handling 

  • Shock-absorbent protective case designed to keep you one step ahead of your daily grind

  • Certified Drop+ Protection

  • Available now in four different hues – Cupidsway (as pictured), Mintway, Bespokeway and Black

(Full line-up of phones available to view OtterBox, Otter + Pop and LifeProof)


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