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Netflix series coming up with Charlie XCX


XCX-ellent four-piece Nasty Cherry have released their brand new single ‘Music With Your Dad’ on Charli XCX’s Vroom Vroom Recordings. 

The track, written by the band themselves and produced by Justin Raisen (Angel Olson, Sky Ferreira), who have already proven themselves to be a killer combo on the band’s previous singles ‘WIN’ and ‘Live Forever’, perfectly encapsulates what Nasty Cherry is all about. Written in the space of a day shortly after the band first met, the song is equal parts hooky, fun, silly and in-your-face sassy. This song is simultaneously unlike any other song you’ll hear this week/month/year, while also being just what you’d expect from a band that has caught the attention of everyone from Rolling Stone to NME.

After selling out their debut live show as a band at The Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles, and their first show in New York at Baby’s All Right, the girls played their first ever UK show last month when they headlined NME’s “Girls To The Front” night at London’s Shacklewell Arms. The show, which was another packed sell-out, was an epic success with NME proclaiming it a “stunning UK debut”.

Nasty Cherry has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on their debut EP, which will be arriving this November - stay tuned for more!

Yesterday Charli XCX, along with Nasty Cherry, revealed the trailer for an upcoming 6 part Netflix documentary series, ‘I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry’. The series follows Charli XCX and the band from the very beginning as they navigate a new age of music and make their own rules in the process. Available to stream on November 15th

Last month, Charli XCX released her highly anticipated album Charli to rave reviews around the world.


"a brand-new artist we’re going for mad for"

“Sassy Eighties-MTV girl pop guided by Charli XCX’s rebel spirit"

“…the track is a potent introduction to the band's vision, a kick-drum slow burner laced with powder keg determination.”

“…a promising kick-off for a group that seems looking to take the girl group concept in a punkier, darker direction — while still having plenty of fun.”

"Win" is as sticky a song as you'll find this year, with a chorus that'll live with you long after the track stops playing. More Nasty Cherry soon, please.”

“From the very ’80s matrimonial white dresses that they’ve worn on stage to their matching red hot photoshoot ensembles, which are as glamorous as rock ’n’ roll can get, Nasty Cherry might just resur-rect that bygone era when coordinated girl groups ruled the charts.”

“Without a doubt, Nasty Cherry will always be cooler than we could ever hope to be.”

“Expect to be scribbling “I <3 Nasty Cherry” all over your notebook very soon.”

“out to take over the world…with each small milestone they are inching closer to that goal”

“I stan four witchy queens.”

“The vibe is ’90s angst rock welded to a Sia-esque chorus, and it is indeed a winner.”

“… one of those pop tracks that’s genius in its simplicity.”

“…shadowy ’80s post-punk riffs with a huge anthemic pop chorus…”

The band caused a social stir when Charli XCX first hinted at Nasty Cherry’s existence, racking up nearly 10K followers overnight, but the girls have otherwise kept a pretty shadowy profile. Made up of two Brits (@georgiasomary, @debbiedrums), and two Americans (@gabriette, @chloechaidez), Nasty Cherry is hinged by Los Angeles with purpose to write and play their own music—which is romantic and bitchy at the same time—like if Robert Smith was created by Andy Warhol in the Factory, or The Strokes, if they all had vaginas. Someone should remake ‘The Craft’ just so Nasty Cherry can make the sound-track.

In Nasty Cherry’s spare time you might see lead singer Gabz modeling for the recent cover of Galore or sitting front row at YSL in Paris; you might see bassist Georgia flying planes, loading 18th century muskets or decorating sets for the Star Wars movies; you might hear drummer Debbie recording radio episodes with Charli at the Beats 1 studio or you might catch guitarist Chloe gate crashing the red car-pet or jumping off a speaker, performing with her second band KITTEN.


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