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Tougher Coronavirus lockdowns for some Victorians


Victorians are contemplating the prospect of tougher coronavirus lockdowns in some areas as other states go further than previously flagged in easing them.

Active cases in the state have more than doubled in a week with 17 new infections on Tuesday taking the total to more than 130. By contrast, active cases in NSW have only risen by 22 over the past week, and fallen or remained at zero in every other state. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said tighter lockdowns and even stay-at-home orders for certain suburbs was still a possibility.

"If we are able to maintain low levels and low numbers - when you think of it as five cases from undiagnosed sources yesterday - then I'm hopeful that we can avoid those lockdowns," he told ABC radio. "But we have to be absolutely clear: the rings of containment, the local actions are on the table." The origins of 11 of the 17 new Victorian cases are still being investigated.

Premier Daniel Andrews forcefully warned sick people against leaving their homes, saying just one person pretending everything is okay could infect many others.

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