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Having lived in the Illawarra her entire life, Lyds is a proud-and-loud local, who considers smashing down a solid Chicko's feed at any time of the day an unmatchable skill.

Drums, tin whistle, and ukelele are some of the instruments Lyds has attempted to master, however nothing quite matches her fluency in 90's gangsta rap.

Note: The next paragraph should be read with a David Attenborough voice in mind.

Lyds​' brutal honesty and incredibly sarcastic nature​ make​ ​her an​ annoying companion, however her fellow mammals tend to overlook this when she provides them with a dose of laughter from time to time.

During the winter she almost consistently feeds on chocolate, consuming between 13 and 17 kilograms of the cocoa substance a year. Lyds often refers to herself as one of the great phenomena of the natural world.

​Catch Lyds' cruising the streets of the Illawarra with the Waveriders, or on-air on 96.5 Wave FM.

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