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Valentines Date Ideas on a Budget

Hit The Town

This doesn't automatically mean you need to head out for dinner, dessert and drinks. Maybe eat at home, and then head out for a drink at your favourite bar. Get there early enough and you might just make it in time for Happy Hour!



Have a Picnic on the Beach

The romantic date that has stood the test of time, and certainly won't cost you an arm and a leg! Grab some cold meats and rolls from the supermarket, or load up on a takeaway pizza, pop the blanket in the boot, and head for your closest shoreline.



Cook Together at Home

This mightn't be everyones cup of tea, but there's something a little special about making a mess in the kitchen, and bonding over a hearty home-cooked meal. Pull out the candles, and you're fine dining without the extortionate pricetag.



Score a Meal Deal

Thank goodness Valentines Day has fallen on a Wednesday this year! That means $7.50 Schnittys at North Gong Hotel, $10 Schnitty & Fries at Dagwood Bar & Kitchen, $1 Dumplings at Humber, and a whole lot more. Just keep your eye on those chalkboards with all the specials!

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Ditch Dinner

Ditch the expensive dinner, and head out for a romantic dessert. Lucky for you, the Illawarra is home to a plethora of yummy sweet havens:

  • Clique Brothers – Wollongong

  • Cold Rock – Wollongong & Shellharbour

  • Gelato Emporium – Bulli

  • Kurtosh – Wollongong

  • Max Brenner – Wollongong

  • Paffuto Italiano – Wollongong

  • San Churro – Wollongong

  • Sugar Cube – Wollongong

  • Tella Balls – Shellharbour

  • Vafflers – Dapto



Cheese & Wine Night

This one kind of speaks for itself. Fill the trolley with cheese, olives, cold meats, crackers and crack open a nice bottle of wine.



Hit a Movie

If you're willing to look past the snacks, heading to the cinema can be a fairly affordable excursion. Nab a $15.90 ticket to catch a flick in a Hoyts Warrawong Recliner, or head next door to the Gala for $13 tickets. Don't forget there's also Greater Union Wollongong & Shellharbour to hit up, and if you're a CineBuzz member you'll nab a movie ticket for just $10.