National News

Qld doc did not do COVID-19 jab training

The Queensland doctor who gave two aged care residents excessive doses of the coronavirus vaccine had not completed the mandatory training, the federal health minister has confirmed.

Vic records fifth day with no COVID cases

Victoria has gone five days without recording a coronavirus case.The Health Department confirmed there were no new local or overseas acquired cases recorded on Wednesday, following 20,201 tests.

Tough measures tied to JobSeeker increase

Unemployed workers will be given an extra $50 a fortnight once coronavirus supplements are scrapped, but bosses will be able to dob in anyone who turns down a job.

Bells toll as US reaches 500k COVID deaths

The United States has crossed the staggering milestone of 500,000 COVID-19 deaths just more than a year since the coronavirus pandemic claimed its first known victim in Santa Clara County,...

PM gets jab in vaccine 'curtain raiser'

Scott Morrison has become one of the first in Australia to get a COVID-19 vaccination, describing it as a 'curtain raiser' to the national rollout which starts on Monday.

Kids' mental health takes hit in pandemic

There has been a massive increase in children under 12 seeking help from a children's mental health app and experts say the full impact of the coronavirus epidemic won't be...

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