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Victoria now a State of Disaster with Stage 4 restrictions


Premier Daniel Andrews has just announced a “state of disaster”, in addition to the ongoing “state of emergency”, as coronavirus cases continue to skyrocket in Victoria.

Today the state announced 671 new cases of COVID-19 and seven deaths. 

The Stage 4 restrictions will be active as of 6pm tonight. A curfew will also be implemented across Melbourne from 8pm tonight.

Premier Daniel Andrews explained the further restrictions in a press conference:

"You will no longer be able to leave home and go any further away from your home than a 5km radius. You will not be able to be at any point more than 5km away from your home for the purposes of shopping for what you need. Only one person will be able to go shopping once per day and they will need to secure the goods and services that are what you need within a 5km radius.

"In terms of exercise, recreational is now no longer allowed. You will be able to have one hour of exercise, no further than 5km from your home. That means it's fresh air. It's a jog. It's a walk. It's in your local neighbourhood."

"Police will be out in force and you will be stopped and you will be asked and need to demonstrate that you are lawfully out and you are not breaching that curfew.

"Going to a mate's place, visiting friends, being out and about for no good reason, all that will do is spread this virus."

"That's stay at home, except for the four reasons to leaving." 

"That will mean restaurants, cafes, bars, gyms, a whole range of other settings will need to close from midnight next Wednesday.

"In regional Victoria and then we have a situation where as we are perhaps bringing stability and reduced numbers to metropolitan Melbourne, we have a problem that is even larger and spread right across regional Victoria."