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NSW cops catch driver with $200k in car

Almost $200,000 in cash has been found with a Sydney driver who unsuccessfully tried to evade police - three months after a warrant was first issued for his arrest.

Police say the 42-year-old man was found in a backyard in Mount Pritchard by a police dog on Friday.

A search of him and his car uncovered almost $200,000 in cash, ice, a vial of white liquid and a folding knife.

He'd been wanted since August when police found steroids, fireworks, a pistol and various drugs in a home in Casula.

Extensive inquiries and numerous searches failed to find him, police say.

After being recognised on Friday driving through Heckenberg, the man resisted orders to pull over his car and led police on a brief pursuit.

The chase was abandoned before the car was found empty outside the Mount Pritchard property on which he was located.

He was later charged with 18 offences including two counts of drug supply, driving while disqualified, entering enclosed lands and acquiring a pistol while subject to a prohibition order.

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