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POLICE: L Plater Clocked At 50 KLM Over Limit


About 2:35pm on Saturday 27th July 2019 a Green Ford Territory with 'L' plates was seen by members of the public travelling at what was believed to be a speed well in excess of the 90kmh Learner Licence special speed limit northbound on the Pacific Highway towards Grafton. This was reported to police and shortly after a Grafton Highway Patrol vehicle detected the Green Territory still travelling north on the Pacific Highway at Bom Bom at 139kmh. The 23yo male learner driver was stopped a short time later and spoken to. He said, "I don't think I was going that fast. I was just overtaking those two cars". Also in the vehicle at the time was his female partner and their two children - under 4yo. Driver issued Infringement Notice for $2435 and licence was suspended for 6 months. Driver stated, "You're a f*ckhead mate". His partner, being the learner supervisor, was issued an infringement notice for Person with learner not prevent breach of road legislation. Mandatory child welfare notifications were also completed.