National News

Alleged rape victim confided in Penny Wong

Labor's leader in the senate Penny Wong has revealed she personally knew the woman who alleged she was raped by a senior government minister, and referred her to support services.

Republicans roll out golden Trump statue

US conservatives have unveiled a golden statue of former president Donald Trump, showing he remains a Republican force despite violent scenes in Washington last month.

NSW campers make grisly Caddick foot find

A group of startled campers at a southern NSW beach have stumbled upon the decomposed foot of Sydney conwoman Melissa Caddick, more than 400km from where police hypothesise she entered...

Qld flood victims get compo 10 years on

Victims of southeast Queensland's 2011 floods have finally secured a partial payout after the state government and a dam operator agreed to pay $440 million for their roles in the...

Storms, flooding on NSW north coast

A freight train carrying dangerous goods has derailed and people have been rescued from floodwaters and roofs after heavy rain caused flash flooding on the NSW mid-north coast.

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