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Guide Dogs Graduation ceremony in Wollongong


Four up and coming Guide Dogs will be presented with their very first harness at a special Guide Dogs NSW/ACT event on Wednesday 3 August - the first Guide Dogs Graduation ceremony in Wollongong since the pandemic.

The celebration will mark the conclusion of intensive training for the four future Guide Dogs, with the charity set to honour and recognise the extraordinary contribution these life-changing dogs are soon set to make to the lives of people with low vision or blindness.

The four future Guide Dogs include Bede, Charlotte, Jagger and Harvey, all who have grown up to have distinct, loveable personalities and are ready to be a great support to their Handlers. Each dog has spent five months undergoing intensive training at the Guide Dog Centre learning the skills to guide a person with low vision or blindness safely.

Two other dogs will be celebrated on the day – both graduating as a Therapy Dogs to support people who experience behavioural, emotional, developmental and mental health conditions, physical disabilities or isolation caused by age or illness.

The Guide Dogs team in Wollongong to a special Guide Dog Graduation Day event tomorrow from 11.45am-1pm at the City Beach Function Centre, Wollongong.

Image: Cullen328, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons