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EXCLUSIVE: Former Shellharbour Mayor launches political comeback


Next month's Ward A election in Shellharbour has got a whole lot more interesting with former Mayor Marianne Saliba telling Wave FM exclusively that she's nominated to run as an Independent with friend and long standing Albion Park resident Liz Kemp.

Residents in the ward are being forced back to the ballot box on Saturday July 30 after last December's iVote system failure saw the result void.

Saliba submitted the paperwork yesterday but the Labor stalwart won't be running for the party she loves.

"I'm still currently a member of the Labor Party," she said.

"I have let the Labor Party know that I was nominating, in fact I spoke to the current councillor who was the Labor Party representative in Ward A and I advised her that I was running and that I would happy to talk to her about preference swapping," Saliba said.

"My loyalties lie to the Labor Party because I support the policies that they believe in but ultimately this is about the people of Shellharbour not about the Labor Party and so that's why I put my nomination in," she said.

Despite Salbia's nine year run as mayor coming to end last year, she's been keeping a close eye on all council meetings.


Saliba's told Wave FM ensuring fiscal responsibility is a main driver for getting back in the game.

"I am concerned about the future spending of the council.

"It was a really tough decision for the council that I was first a part of to determine a special rate variation to be able to ensure our council was sustainable in the future.

"I am a little concerned about some of the proposals that have been put up by councillors, the amount of money that these things will cost and whether they're actually considering what they'll need to give up in order to be able to fund those things," Saliba said.

Images: Marianne Saliba Facebook and Shellharbour City Council