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World famous whale spotted off Illawarra Coast


A special humpback has made a visit to the Illawarra as she heads north.

ORRCA research teams spotted the Bladerunner whale off the coast yesterday afternoon.

She sports deep scars along her left side and right tail fluke after being hit by a boat propeller more than two decades ago.

"This whale is a true survivor and a symbol of resilience after she was left with devastating scars," ORCCA said on Facebook.

"She has since had a calf and was today majestically heading north once again towards the tropical breeding grounds with a companion whale.

"This is a timely reminder for those out enjoying the offshore waterways at this time of year to be extra vigilant as we move towards the peak of the whale migration.

"With more boats on the water, always keep a good eye out for whales and get to know the rules around watching whales to help keep safe," the post said.

ORRCA research team members in Sydney and the Central Coast will be keeping an eye out for the Bladerunner over the coming days.

"If you spot this special whale, please call the ORRCA Rescue Hotline on 02 9415 3333 to report your sight so we can track her along our coastline," the post said.

Image: Anthony Crampton