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Cunningham candidate calls out invisible Liberal


A candidate contesting the seat of Cunningham in this month's federal election believes it's wrong for people who don't live in the electorate to run for parliament despite his party having a number of ghost candidates across NSW, the ACT and Victoria.

Thomas Grogan from Pauline Hanson's One Nation lives and works in Wollongong as a carpenter.

He's told Wave FM, he's not impressed that the Liberal Party has put up a candidate who lives in the electorate of Macarthur.

"Yeah, like out of touch with the people.

"They don't really know what's going on.

"The Liberal bloke got called in from South Western Sydney.

"Seems a bit wrong, just trying to fill seats I think to get numbers on sheets," Grogan said.


Regardless of his political views, Grogan has wrapped his fellow candidates, except for the invisible Liberal for campaigning hard across the electorate ahead of the May 21 poll.

Grogan said it's disappointing not to see Uren out and about like the rest of the candidates who have local interests at heart.

"Yeah, from all sides of politics.

"Everyone's trying to have ago which is a good thing, it doesn't matter which side of politics you vote for," he said.

Despite repeated requests to the Liberal's from Wave FM to speak with Marcus Uren, the party or the candidate is yet to act.

Images: Thomas Grogan for Cunningham Facebook and Marcus Uren - Liberal Candidate for Cunningham Facebook